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Kyle Slosek is a security practitioner with several years of experience in enterprise IT environments.  Kyle works for a large IT firm in the DMV area and had done everything from certification and accreditation to pentesting testing and forensics.  He holds a BS in Information Technology and an MS in Information Assurance as well as several industry certifications.
I got in to computers at a young age.  When I was young I was fascinated with the family computer and proceeded to build my own with used parts I found lying around or purchased on eBay.  I was first interested in security after a home server I had built was hacked.  I was hosting my own website on an old desktop I had lying around when I realized that a hacker had defaced my site.  I then began my long security career.

I am very passionate about STEM education and regularly spend time in high schools talking to students about IT and IT Security.  I sit on the board of advisors for the Montgomery County MD Academy of Information Technology and in that role help place high school students in well paying and interesting internships.

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